Monday, July 28, 2008

Mike overseas in the UK now

Mike is playing an invite only 74 people invited tournament in England. I will keep people updated how he does here and on my show. For Poker talk, general talkm paranormal, politics, even religion and anything else. come join me every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, 5 pm PACIFIC, 8 PM EASTERN AT;

You will see me in the cam window above when I am online!

If you would like on my show email list, shoot me an email at;


Friday, July 25, 2008

The Scott Matusow Show

I have a new live show at,

"The Scott Matusow Show". I talk allot about Poker, Politics, world events, Paranormal, Anceint religions, Conspiracies and secret orders, and just about anything else you want to talk about. I will also answer questions about Mike and put to rest rumors and nonsense you have heard about him before, or anything else you want to know within reason :)

Mike finishes 30th at 2008 WSOP Main event

Mike had a good run at this year's WSOP all around, 1 bracelet, 2 final tables, and 30th in the big main event.

"I'm very happy with my play, I was patient, picked my spots, and got my money in good, it is all I can do is just to play well, and I did, so I asm happy, but yet a little disapointed of not making my 3rd final table in the main event in 7 years"

More to come..