Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

On behalf of the entire Matusow family, we would like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!!

We have not really been posting here alot as there is nothing really new to report on Mike. Mike still rarely wins online, and on the tournament circut, no real high finishes to report about. We all will probably meet over at Mike's house and eat dinner tonight over there as his roomate is an excellent cook!!

Happy Holidays to all all, even Billrini!! >> LOL kidding buddy, you got a good blog.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Site was hacked into CLARIFICATION

I DID NOT WRITE THAT POST ABOUT MIKE concerning me not working for mike anymore!! It was a FORMER buddy who was mad at me and had the pass to get into the blog.. Please pass this along.. This is Scott Matusow, everything in that blog was horse poop. I just now am seeing it all over the net.. so pleae again, pass this along.. Scott

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mouthpiece is back today, CALL ME!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mouthpiece is back, been taping poker after dark this week!!

First taping session of poker after dark, I played like a donkey, did better 2nd one!!
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Mouthpiece is back today!!

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Yuwie site doing well

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mike busts in Legends tourny at the Bike

Oh well, cannnot make every final table now can ya?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

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The eight player table wouldn’t be complete without Phil Hellmuth, the top WSOP winner of all-time. Hellmuth returns to HIGH STAKES POKER after a two season hiatus and looks to improve upon his results from the first season as he plays with the top cash game players on HSP IV.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Having some fun and sun in Cabo

And winning a few bucks playing poker!! What you think I wouldn't play no poker, haha!!! I'm up about 100k, Be back soon, gl buds and gals!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My response to the following blog

Here in this Blog, Bill thinks I am out of line for calling the play of these guys "Moron" Ok Bill, I will rephrase, The play I mention is "Moronic" Furthermore, Bill point out I have never won a tournament. He is right and wrong, I have won a ton of online tournaments but I do not play "circuit live tournaments".

However, I will be happy to play any torment player for any cash stakes they would like, including Phil Gordon.. When are people going to get it that a tournament player who WINS a tournament is pure luck? I do not mean the fact that a good player can get far in a tournament, I mean to win one is mainly having good luck and avoiding bad luck, AND being lucky enough to have "MORONIC POKER PLAY" giving aways chips:) Good players give themselves the best chance to be in the right POSITION TO WIN a tournament, like a Phil Helmuth, Johnny Chan. Mike, if you look at his tournament record over the years, could easily of had by now 10 wsop wins as well. Mike is basically the unluckiest player in poker, PERIOD!! Mike goes deep in over half the tournaments he plays on a regular basis. Tournament is much different than a live cash game, and by a long ways different!!

This is how I roll from time to time. I get pissed off when I see guys make moronic plays, including when Mike does it. Mike calls himself a moron on many occasions, and I play like a moron at times as well. If I offend people, I am sorry, that is not my intention, but I say to people "GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON"!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My thoghts on The WSOP Final table and Jerry Yang

Ok, well the WSOP is finally over, thank goodness!! I have heard allot of talk about aggressive play, how that is almost always winning poker in NL Holdem. That is mainly a generalized myth, and I will tell you all why;

Let's examine how Mr. Yang got all his chips. I ordered the ppv and watched the whole thing for the 14 hours plus.

There was one hand that a player named Child's donated allot oif chips to Yang by laying down QQ like a total moron..
why? Because Yang had a clear tale bluff sign of weakness that Child's did not pick up on.
That was Yang looking over his shoulder at Child's and Yang being really fidgety. Now I do not know what Yang had, but when you see the broadcast, you will see Child's QQ did in fact have Yang beat.

That pot gave Jerry allot of chips. Now we come to the moron Hilm; Yang once again opened up the pot with a strange 6 times the bb raise. Hilm called from the BB... the flop was 2 low cards, and with a diamond draw.

Hilm fired a bet, Yang called. The turn was a blank, Hilm fired out, Yang re raised big and Hilm pushed all in.. Hilm was being aggressive there against a player who already showed HE DOES NOT FOLD,, following? Yang got a count and had Hilm barely covered. Yang called and flipped over AK.. top pair, top kicker.. Moron Hilm turned over something like 85 d.. a low ball flush draw.. HE RAISED ALL IN WITH ONE PULL TO COME with nothing but 8 outs!! follow?

Did aggressive play help Hilm? No, he went from 25 million in chips to bust in a little over an hour, and gave Yang all his chips. Winning poker is about picking up on opponent table image. You be aggressive when you need to be aggressive and passive when you need to be passive, it all depends on the table image of your opponents folks!!

You certainly don't play back at an aggressive player who seldom folds unless you have the nuts, or you know you have the best hand. In other words, YOU DON'T BLUFF a guy who does not fold.

Lee Watkinson did the same damned thing, Gave Yang his chips. Yang opened up for 1 million, Lee pushed in 9 million more.. Yang again called with A9, Lee had A7..

another moron giving away his chips..,
and of course Phil Gordon, who has only won one tourney his whole life says " man what a sick call by Yang" No Phil, ITS TO BE EXPECTED FROM A CALLING STATION!!

Add another 9 million to Yang's stack.. then of course we had the old guy who finished 3rd make one of the worst poker plays I have ever seen. Yang opened up again the pot with a raise, this time more in line with the blind structure. The old Guy, err Rahme I think was his name, re raised small and got called.

First mistake and we will get to that later. the flop was 2 hearts with an A up.. Rahme checks and Yang fires out 10 million, a huge over bet which is a sure sign being the inexperienced player he is, he is afraid of the flush draw, so I knew at the time as I remarked to Mike on the phone.. " oh man, Yang has a weak ace" Mike said "Of course".. so what does the old guy do?

He check raises ALL IN.. Now at that point, Yang was really miffed. He got a count and it was a huge amount since Rahme had over 30 million stack.. Yang looked as if he was about to fold when the old guy made yet another mistake and ran his mouth; " its your decision mate" yang said " what did you say" Rahme says WEAKLY "err it is your decision mate" stuttering. there myself id insta call that's a tell from hell people!! But then the old guy says " I'd fold if I was you" then Yang called..

Rahme turned over KK..

Mistake 1;

Don't re raise small against a guy who does not fold allot and is aggressive,

you push all in with KK and take the pot down at that point. Mistake 2, you don't check raise all in on a board with an ace up, you either call and hope for a suit to roll up on 4th street, or your fold. The read was an easy one, Yang was afraid of the flush draw, which is common among players without experience to be.

So my whole point here is that yes, Yang played aggressive, but other players played themselves right out of the tournament by failing to play correctly against a player that does that, by being OVER AGGRESSIVE THEMSELVES without the best hand, and against a guy who rarely would fold any hand. Jerry seems like a nice guy, but he is a poor poker player in comparison to a top player.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Call Me today on my show!! Every Thursday!!!

Let's see how many of you will call today, Thursday!!
Call me at 1-877 675 1306 (it's toll free) between 3 and 3:30 pm pac time, 6 and 6:30 pm EST time. the show will air later in the day at; gl all >> Mike

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mike finishes 2nd at Bellagio WPT Cup 3

Wins 675k for the effort. Mike played really well but could not get any real breaks as he went bust, being out stacked 4 to 1 with an open ended St. Flush draw, having 15 outs instead of 16 with 2 to come, because other guy held one spade. So flop was 56 s 10 d Mike held 87 s. other guy had QQ with the Q of Spades. So at that point it was pretty much 50/50 and of course, it is rare for Mike to ever hit a monster draw so that was that :)

Mike 2nd in chips 6 players left WPT Bellagio

tune in there tomorrow at 8 est, 5 pac for updates as I will be down there watching. Mike has 1.8 mill in chips. Chip leader has about 4 million.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

call mouthpiece today

1-877 675 1306 call between 3 and 3:30 pactime

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Correction: Kathy Griffin's "My Life on The D List"

Time is 10 pm both EST and PAC. so that means 3 hours later, it will be on west coast, and it is on right now in the east coast.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mike on Kathy Griffin's "My Life on The D List tomorrow on Bravo!!

Mike is the guest on Comedian Kathy Griffin's show "My life on The D List" tomorrow night on Bravo, 10 PM est, 7 PAC time!!Do not miss it as I have heard it was a great taping!!For more information about this show, please visit;

Mike has taped several shows recently for major cable networks, and as soon as the air dates become known, we will inform all of you about them!!

Quick main event exit for Mike this year

Mike was not feeling well, had the runs all day long, so he basically sort of "tanked" (was the pun intended?) the main event on day one. Playing Poker especially the main event of the WSOP while having to use the potty every 10 minutes just don't cut it!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mouthpiece and main event information

Friday July 6th call in between 12 pm and 12:30 pm Pac time to talk to Me on his show the mouthpiece. 1-877 675 1306.. it is toll free.

I will be playing in the last day one of the main event which is on this Sunday, Day 1C.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Call Me today on my show!!

I am doing the mouthpiece today once again. You can call me between 2:45 pm and 3:15 pac time. The number is 1-877-675-1306.

The show is taped then airs 2 to 3 hours later at

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mike finishes 16th in the horse event had terrible luck

Bad luck started right away in stud, when Mike had aakk against aaqq and allot of money in the pot the the other guy spiked a queen on the river.

He had a few pots like that and was beaten that way most of the session. He had one hand against Greenstein where Mike was way ahead with all his chips in in Omaha Hi/low and Barry made runner runner 78 for the low in a 2 way pot, so Mike had to settle for a split there with Barry of the 3 way action, instead of scooping the pot. He went out when he lead out for 25k one caller In omaha hi low and the other guy flopped the nut low straight, but Mike had some outs to a chop and actually picked up on the turn outs to the scoop, but did not hit. so that was that :)

However, on a positive note, He won just about all his prop bets, so he racked in some decent dough :)

Mike is playing very well now, he maintained his composure and never came close to blowing up and milked his short stack very well. I am happy to see Mike play this well and if He continues to do so, I am sure a final table, and/or a win is imminent. See you all later until next time!!

Just got up I feel good

K, I have not posted here in a long time so wish me luck today, I will try really hard to make the final table in the horse tournament. Every poker player's dream is to win this wsop bracelet in this event. I have good chips and have a good chance to make it if I play well and avoid making mistakes and getting unlucky.

Ok got to run gl everyone

Mike has 700k in chips heading into day 4, 21 people remain

In the Big Horse event;

I will be down at the WSOP at 2 pm for day 4 to watch and cheer on Mike. However, they will not allow me to blog update because of their GREEDY money grubbing policies of giving exclusive blog rights to those who BRIBE them with enough money so :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Phil Helmuth is the best tournament NL holdem player ever

So why has Phil won 11 WSOP bracelets, all in Texas Hold-em? He also has near 50 final table appearances in various other tournaments and other wins as well.

Is Phil that much a better player than everyone else? Is he more talented? Luckier than most?

the answer is no to all of the above.
There are a number of top professional players who know as much about the hold-em game as Helmuth does.

so what is it you might ask?:

PATIENCE + SITUATIONAL READS over opponent reads. Phil can fold a hand and fold a hand prob better than anyone who has every played the NL tourney circuit. And it is not always because he believes he is beat in a hand, but sees THE SITUATION IS NOT GOOD TO MAKE A CALL, or chase a pot. Hence, many people think he is weak because he folds more, checks the ego at the door, and then slams those same players who try to make plays on him when he does have the right situation and the right read of it. and he will do this allot after a check raise, he is willing to let go a pot if the situation is wrong.

Also, Phil understands the value of not pushing all in for the sake to win a pot with a marginal hand. Mike has cost himself allot of potential wins because Mike sometimes will over play a situation that does not call for it.

Very rarely before a final table will you ever see Helmuth have all his chips all in when he has a decent stack. When Phil builds chips early, he usually continues to grind it out.

I discussed this with him a bit the other night at Mike's house.
Simply put, there is not a better NL player in the world than Mr.Helmuth.

Ask Mike and Mike will tell you the same thing. Mike learned and patterned his game after Helmuth when he was coming up some years ago.

and trust me, it is a semi act when he says "I am the best NL player in the world"..(although Mike and I agree with that statement) It is not his ego, he is saying that for a reason to gain a table advantage folks!!! Egotistical, true egomaniacs WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FOLD AND ALWAYS TRY TO OUTPLAY EVERYONE!!

He wants to piss you off and have you dislike him so you might make an egotistical mistake in a hand with him, and allot of you guys out there would just love to bust him right? THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS!! I do not think people realize just how good a player he really is tournament wise. I hope this has enlightened some of you about some of his tactics that make him the winning est poker player tournament wise of all time.

Now off the tables, he is a quiet mild mannered guy, even a bit on the shy and reserved side.

Think about it, poker without people like my brother and Helmuth would be semi boring.

Don't hate Helmuth, RESPECT HIM AS A PLAYER!!

Play is done for the night, pokernews has wrong chip count Mike just called

Said he has 460k in chips, and that the last 20 minutes, the deck hit him really hard, So he is top 5 or 6 in chips after day 2. He said he played pretty good as well.

More to come later on.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mike still has around 300k

Spoke briefly at dinner break. He was too amped and focused on poker to really discuss anything and wanted to lay down for awhile, so I have no info right now about his hands. He just said he is playing well. I am off to bed here in a bit will follow up asap.

Mike has about 300k now

and doing well.. Will post later about my visit to brother's home and hot tubbing it discussion with Mike, Helmuth, and myself, ( not to forget my brother's very nice GF as well :) interesting stuff to say the least :)

Helmuth as many of you have heard before is much different a personality away from the table. Personally, He is my all time favorite poker and I beleive him to be, and Mike agrees, the best NL tournament player of all time. There are many reasons why this is other than just the high amount of tournament wins which I will get into, in a post to come either later today or tomorrow. Basically, it is his correct technical approach to situational poker.

Day 2 of the horse event and the WSOP+prop betting galore!!!

Mike like allot of other top players in day 2 are doing fine. Mike has about 200k in chips as of this posting. When you get this high amount of "pro players" they tend to fold more, and are more familiar with each others playing styles, so bust outs will take awhile. Expect this event to last another 2 to 3 days. It is the "real main event" of the WSOP. Next to no amateurs involved. Mike has some prop bets along with his betting buddy Phil Helmuth. 3 against 3, Mike and Helmuth are 2 on one side. Ivey is one on the other side with Gus Hanson already busted out yesterday ( big surprise there, heh!!) There is a ton of side action prop betting going on here. You name it, they have propped it!! This particular prop bet is odds to win, odds which team has more players still standing as time progresses. In case any of you are wondering, they do not put these guys at the same table because the event directors know damned well about all the prop bets. Even if they did, there is a strict honor code among professional poker players that has existed for many years!! Remember, most of these pros in today's event have borrowed and have lent to each for over a decade in most cases. There will not be any "Jamie Gold" type of "misunderstanding" I can assure you of this fact:)

Anyways, will post when I am around and have relevant information how things are going for Mike!!
Peace, out:)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mike finishes 15th in event 36, Omaha Hi/Low 5k buy in.

Talked a bit on the phone, says there was one hand where his gut told him a guy was bluffing, but he didn't call and was right, and there he could of been back around 200k in chips. He said he played well and made maybe one or 2 mistakes. He gives allot of credit to a guy who checked raised him on the river and said " I didn't think that guy was capable of making that play."

Mike is looking forward to the big horse event which I believe starts tomorrow. He believes He is playing well, and with an 11th and 15th place finish, it sure seems that way. That is very close to making 2 final tables so..

I will try to cover the Horse event as best as I can later.

Just talked to Mike briefly, he is up to 155k in chips

Event 36 WSOP Omaha hi/low 5 k buy in.

And He says He is playing really well and finally catching a few cards.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mike is in the money in event 36 omaha hi/low 5 k

He is a short stack at around 50,000 chips, but we are down to 27 people. Mike is in the top 10 WSOP history in total cashes all time in terms of number of times making the money. More to come as I get it.

Mike still hanging in there in event 36

has around 40k in chips. Will try to keep you posted on developments as they come my way.

Day one of event 36 has ended

Mike has 19,000 chips heading into day 2. Mike informed me that he had no cards at all for hours but was playing his "A" Game. Also, Phil Helmuth has bet Phil Ivey, Ivey laying Helmuth 13 to 1 on Mike making the final table, and 35 to 1 for Mike winning the event, betting 10 and 20k respectively on each prop.

so Helmuth gets allot of money if Mike wins or even makes the final table, GO PHILLY!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

They are on dinner break event 36, Mike still has around 15k

Just talked to him, he says he is playing very well and feels good. More to come later.

Mike is playing WSOP event 36 5k Omaha Hi/Low

Which of course Mike has always been recognized as one of the worlds best players in this poker game. Currently he is among the chip leaders at 14k as of this post. More to come when I get it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mike busted out in 29th

and he is very upset over this one, he really did not want to talk much, he is just peed off that terrible poker play keeps getting rewarded.

Mike was pissed off when we spoke

about 2 pots that he lost a good deal of his stack. One against Scotty Nguyen, which i don't blame mike guy called all the way to 6th street with nothing more than a low ball gutter ball and nailed it. then one hand against Dutch Boyd, who i consider a horrific player, hit 4 suits to a flush and bet every street. so mike has 20k, so he is still alive, but I tried to calm him down. I think he will get over it during the dinner break.. that's it for now, will update as i get it later.

Mike has 38,000 chips now in event 24

Just talked to him, he says he is playing very well. will try to keep you guys updated when I talk to Mike.

Day 1 event 24 done, Mike is one of the chp leaders

He has around 24,000 chips.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mike has around 12k now

and I am off to bed, getting way too late for me folks :) Updates coming in the AM. Peace

Mike has around 12k now

and I am off to bed, getting way too late for me folks :) Updates coming in the AM. Peace

Mike has 10k on the dinner break event 24.

Update on event 24, wsop 7 card stud;

Mike has 10k in chips, above average. Mike is getting a massage right now as we talked on the phone. He says he is playing really well. Mike said his 11th place finish the other day could of been higher, that making the final table was easy, but he was playing to win and get most of the chips to the final table. That is how Mike plays. He does not care about where he finishes other than first as the money pay outs mean nothing to him, only a bracelet!! Thought you guys would want to know his mindset. Mike tomorrow will be shooting a poker rap video with Phil Helmuth, Layne Flack, and Johnny Chan for MTV. I will post and let people know when it will air Stay tuned tonight as I try to get more updates.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mike near top of chip leader board

Heading into day 2, catch live updates at

also and bluff magazine. I will not be here today as I have a prior commitment. When I return I hope to get some updates from Mike.

Mike now has 100k

Moving on up Mr. Jefferson!! Go Mikey!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

update on event 19 2500 NL

Mike has informed me he is top 5 in chips right now with about 170 people left. sorry i did not update earlier. I was busy helping a buddy with a job he needed help on..

Friday, June 8, 2007

I was gone for a bit, I see Mike busted out

Oh well, better luck next time right? Still allot of events left!!

Mike is playing in Event 13 $5,000 Pot Limit Holdem today at 12 pm Pac time.

Will try to update as best as I can thru out the day.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Call Mike today!!

Call Mike today for his show the Mouthpiece!
1-877 675 1306
2:55 to 3:15 every thursday pacific time. The show then airs about 2 to 3 hours later at

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mike is taking the day off.. AT LEAST FROM LIVE POKER!!

However, he is up bright and early playing some big games in full tilt poker. You can watch him there if you so choose to endure the carnage that is online poker!! So no WSOP event play today for Mikey :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

ok you can stop checking out the blog, Mike went bust

and that is that :)

K, Now I am out for awhile

Get your updates at

Mike just won a nice pot

Scotty Nguyen raises under the gun and Matusow calls in the small blind. Seat 1 calls in the big blind. The flop is 8h 5h 3c Matusow bets and both call. The turn is Jc and Matusow bets and gets called. The river is 3 of spades, Matusow bets and one player calls - Nguyen folds. Matusow has A224 to his opponent's - A107x. Matusow is up to 62,300.

Starting to get Merchandise up on cafepress

Stuff is basically only black and white now. Got designer coming over in the next 2 weeks to get some really cool stuff up there, stay tuned!! Also, we want to hear from you out there suggestions of what kind of designs on shirts you would like to see, so leave your comments here about that!!

Ok looks like Mike is doing well

Well I tried to take the day off, I am beat people!! Mike has, it looks like 43k in chips as of the last update.

I have the day off

Go to

There you can get great updates.. Will try to interview Mike after the play ends today/Tomorrow for Mike.

Mike must have fallen asleep

Sorry I could not get an interview with Mike. He must be really tired. Will try tomorrow

Online had some wrong updates in chip counts

Ok, they were wrong online, Mike had 27,000 chips and was among the chip leaders all day, as He was never short on chips. He is going to call when he gets home and I will get more information. My press pass if they grant me one, which there should not be a problem, will allow me to live blog from the event. Now I have to rely on online updates and Mike occasionally calling

Play over for the night, will try to do a short interview with Mike in a few

Stay tuned!!

Go figure. Mike is now top 5 in chips

39,000.. I will interview Mike and find out how he has gone on such a wild roller coaster ride.

Mike went way down

Under 3000 chips now. He has to make a double soon or the blinds will eat him up.

Mike has around 14,000 chips now in event 5

will try to get an interview with Mike when the day is over

Mike just won a big pot in event 5

He has around 20k now in chips..

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mike has about 12,000 chips

Latest update on event 5 at the wsop.

Mike makes a bet with Ted Forrest

a $100,000 weight bet with Ted Forrest. Mike must lose 50 pounds and weigh in at 181 on June 3, 2008 to collect..

Update on event 5

Just got off the phone with Mike. He has 7000 chips. More to come as I get it.

Mike was a little late for event 5

Over slept a little bit for the 2500 split event, Nothing to report as of yet. For those asking, No, I am not at the Rio. The plan is to be there if and when Mike goes deep into a tournament, Otherwise, Mike, his GF, or a Friend of mine who is covering the event calls me to let me know any pertinent info.

Mike will be playing today in the following event;

Sun, Jun. 03 - Tue, Jun. 05 Event 5 - Omaha/Seven Card Stud High/Low 8/OB
$2,500 + $0 No Rebuys
05:00 PM PDT

I will try to cover it as best that I can and get an interview with Mike at the breaks and after play ends for the night, or if Mike gets knocked out..

Ok we now have some Mike Matusow items for sale

OK , a ton of you are asking for poker geared stuff based around Mike and Mike's "infamous sayings" Now we opened up an online store in affiliation with, The address is;

We will be adding more stuff, changing things and getting high tech custom designs in the next few weeks.Any item suggestions are welcome.I can do some custom stuff, but it is limited as far as personal requests, and takes a ton of work to get it right.Right now it is mainly black and white stuff. So there you guys and Gals go, you asked for it, YOU GOT IT!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Took day off since

Mike was basically knocked out very early of his 2nd event this year at the WSOP.

Mike eliminated on coin flip

raise in front, Mike moves in for 12k with 22, raiser calls with AQ suited, hits "Q" on the flop, that is that..

Oy!! right at the end too. that's poker, more to come, ill get a semi interview with Mike and ask him a few questions.

Mike -" I really at first did not play well, but I nailed a couple of sets when I had small pocket pairs, afterwards I started to play well, but I could not pick up the cards I needed, and I needed to make a move because the NL round was coming back again and the LIMIT round the blinds were getting too high for me to sit around."

Scott- "Mike, what did you think about the new deck they were using?"

Mike - " I thought it was a practical joke at first, seriously. but then when I realized it was for real, I at first, along with most of the other pros refused to play. I was calling for the tournament director, me and everyone else. They had to on the dinner break call around all the casinos to get the regular deck back since they needed so many decks"

Scott "Mike, how do you feel now?"

Mike= " I am tired, they said you can get a pass, you just have to fill in some stuff, I am going to bed, I got the tourney tomorrow and there might be 3000 people in it, so good night"

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mike now has 22,500

He just doubled Thru Devilfish Ulliot about 4 minutes ago, Mike had pockets 8's verses the Devil Fish's Pocket A's and Mike Flopped a set of 8's to double to 22,500 with blinds and antes.

More to come as I get it. This update was provided by a friend who has a cell phone and saw the hand.

Correction, Mike has 10,000 still

He had nothing, built it back to 10k Confirmed with him just now. my bad..

Looks like Mike got the axe..

No answer on his phone, he is prob pissed off. Pretty sure he has been knocked out of the first event at The WSOP..

Mike down to 7k last time I checked with him

He said he was coolered when he had pocket 4 against pocket 7 and the flop was both a 4 and a 7. He is still in there as of 30 minutes ago.

Mike has 18,600 after first break

EVENT ONE, 2007 World series of Poker - The Mixed Holdem (Limit/NL)

Mike has 18,600 chips after the first break;

Just got off the phone with him, was all He could really tell me at this time because He was pressed for time. More to come after the next break.

The nuttyness of it all!!

Starting in just a few short hours, The Rio Hotel and Casino, one "long" block away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. will officially become a MADHOUSE!! Thousands of poker players, in the next 6 weeks will be all trying for one thing, a WSOP GOLD BRACELET!!

There are so many events, everyday, up to 3000 a day are registering and playing in some sort of tournament at The WSOP. On top of this, we have hundreds playing in the side cash games. The WSOP playing floor, itself must be at least 100,000 square feet, if not more. ( I have not measured it personally)

One cannot fully grasp the humongary just seeing it on TV. For a first timer at The WSOP, this can be very intimidating. a virtual sea of poker tables; NOW TRY TO FIND THE TABLE you are starting at!!

"Where the hell is my table"?
"over there sir"


"Ok walk about an 8th of a mile, see that guy in corner wearing the Green shirt"?

" Who the Lepracaun?"

"NO, that is Mini me, Verne Troyer; not him, The Big guy"

" oh ya, ah ok, I see it table number 27-a"

"BINGO" !!

And let me tell you out there who have never seen the poker hall at The Rio Covention Area, IT IS LIKE ONE GIANT BINGO HALL!!

Now imagine a space that large totally and fully populated with fellow human beings ( some might debate that many of these people are in fact, not human)

This is the place of dreamers, where legends are made, where future and current celebrities come to find that dream, TO BE A WSOP CHAMPION!!

Mike has done it twice, a very few more, and most never!!

Stay tuned in 5 weeks for the main event. That my friends, is a real plethra of discombulated donkeys :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

WSOP starts tommorow, Mike will be playing!

In the following event;

Fri, Jun. 01 - Sun, Jun. 03 Day 1 Starts: 12:00 PM PDT World Championship Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No-Limit) Event 1 Rebuy Status: No Rebuys

I will try to update as much as possible. Still working on getting me an all access pass which I would need to correctly blog from The Rio.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mike has won a ton lately online

He had a losing session yesterday, but over all, he has won well over 1 million dollars in the last 2 weeks online. Mike is running very hot right now and playing very well. We hope this continues into The WSOP...

Extensive converage of WSOP on Mike soon to come!!

Stay tuned, Mike is getting me an all access pass so I can blog from The Rio and exclusively follow Mike around. PROVIDED. Mike gets me the proper credentials to do so. This is what we have dicussed and He would like me to do this. If this does not pan out, then Mike will be calling me on every break and telling me his chip position and selected hands and how they played out in basics.. If I get that all access, then there will be extensive and specific selected hand by hand, based on siginificant pots, and updates way faster than any online site because it will be exclusively covering my brother Mike.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quick update on me, been really busy

Ok I am back for a few here :) Here is what I am up to;

Going over to Wayne Root's place. Guy running for President, asked me to show up for some function, so what the hell :)
After that later today, going to premier at Red Rock Hotel in Vegas for the movie "Lucky you", a poker film with Drew Barrymore that I have a small role in I shot nearly 2 years ago.
Friday- Sunday I am taping Poker after dark again :)

There ya go, gl all!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

We are still here

People been writing in. We are just taking a break from posting because there is nothing really going on with Mike right now.. Stay tuned, anything of any relevance, we will post it :)

Friday, March 23, 2007


If you care to know what I am picking for tonight's sweet 16 games.

Georgetown >> give the points -8
USC >> Take the points +9
UNLV >> Take the points +3.5
Butler >> Take the points + 10.5

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Taking a break

I am on a break until April. I need some rest from poker. Will update some new things by then hopefully, GL...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mike finishes 5th

I'd rather not discuss how this was, other than Mike moved in 200k plus with 52 and ran into qq when the blinds were still relatively low at 10/20 k...

I will try to get his reaction to this later. For 5th Mike wins 76k plus.

5 left now, Mike still in it

Mike has about 500k in chips, he is lower stacked, but the blinds are 8000/16000, so there is plenty of poker left. 5 players remain with and Internet player being the chip leader. Mike and Ted Lawson are lower stacked. Currently I am not at the event, but I plan to go there on the next break.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Final Table tomorrow at 12 pm Pacific Time

Mike has 380k, middle stack. This final table is really going to be a hard one with such players remaining as Min Ly, The Grinder Mizarachi, Scott Fischman and Johnny Chan. Play will resume tomorrow at 12pm Pacific time.

I will try to get an Internet hookup there and do live updates on the blog here, but I cannot promise anything, But I think it looks good I can get an online connection, stay tuned!!

Mike is chip leader with 12 left on dinner break now

Just got update from Mike. They are on dinner break. He has 650k or so and is the chip leader but the 12 left all have stacks so it might be awhile before its done for the night. I will update as I get more information from Mike on breaks.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Mike 5th in chips at The Wynn Tournament

218,800 chip count on Mike, He is top 5 in chips There are 27 players left. More to come tommorow,,

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mike is playing 2007 WYNN CLASSIC main event today

Will try to keep you all posted and updated as best as I can. For this year's WSOP, Hopefully I will be live at the Rio with a laptop and Internet hookup to give real time updates on most events Mike will be playing, so you Will get them way faster than card player can give them because I will only focus on Mike's hands and chip stack.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mike Eliminated

Blinds 4000 and 8000;

Mike Matusow and Andy Bloch are all in preflop. Matusow shows 94 while Bloch is in the lead with Q2. The board comes the KJ1057 and Bloch's queen high wins the pot.Andy Bloch advances to face Gavin Smith in tomorrow's Elite 8.

I talked to Mike before this match, and he indicated to me he was mentally out of it when he played The Grinder the match prior to this one, and as well, confessed he played poorly against the Grinder. He said The Grinder should of won, but HE GOT LUCKY, which brings me to the following point.

I just talked to Mike on The Phone, he says he played very well here in this match up, and that Andy played very poorly.

Goes to show that this type of poker is highly over rated. However, I am sure it will make for some fun TV entertainment and help create a whole new batch of people who will get into poker and play like total donks. Bad for the pros in tournaments, BUT GREAT FOR THEM IN CASH GAMES!!

Goodnight all!!

Mike Takes the Chip Lead

Andy Bloch puts Mike Matusow all in preflop and Matusow calls after looking at only one card, the K. He flips over his other card and it is the A. Bloch shows J3. The flop comes J103, giving Bloch two pair and Matusow a gutshot straight draw. The turn is the A but the river comes the Q, giving Matusow a straight and doubling him up to $90,400.

Mike Doubles Up

After Andy Bloch raises in the dark, Mike Matusow moves all in blind. Bloch calls without looking at his cards and turns over Q7. Matusow flips over 104 but the board comes J8756 and Matusow rivers a straight to win the pot and draw almost back to even with Andy Bloch.

Mike vs.Bloch rond of 16 Heads up Championship

Just started, updates to follow

Mike wins again!!

Mike Matusow Advances
Michael Mizrachi and Mike Matusow get all in preflop. Mizrachi turns over QQ and Matusow turns over A7. The board comes KQ610J and Matusow rivers a straight to crack Mizrachi's set of queens. Mizrachi has been eliminated from the tournament.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Mouth vs.The Grinder heads up match round 2 getting underway in a few

Tough match here, The Grinder is a very very tough opponent. I will be adding live updates here on this match, so check back often


Mike Matusow Advances
On a K-10-4-A board, Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreanu are all in. Negreanu shows A-5 while Matusow flips over K-4 for two pair. The river is the 2 and Mike Matusow eliminates Daniel Negreanu.Matusow will face the winner of the Michael Mizrachi versus John Juanda match.

Nothing against Danny. I like Danny, I think Mike is far better poker player. Not because he is my brother, but it is my opinion.

Yep, Poker is all skill

Again, 3rd hand in a row Mike gets chips in with best hand pre flop.

This is how Danny win ALL OF HIS TOURNIES PEOPLE, they do not show you on ESPN;

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Again
Daniel Negreanu is all in for his last $7,000 preflop against Mike Matusow. Matusow shows AQ and Negreanu turns over A7. The board comes K9585. (4 to a flush) Negreanu makes a flush against Matusow to win the pot and double up to around $14,000 chips.

Fri Mar 02 18:23:00 PST 2007
Daniel Negreanu Doubles Up
On a flop of 762, Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow get all their chips in the middle. Negreanu shows JJ while Matusow flips over 86. The turn is the Q and the river is the Q. Daniel Negreanu doubles up to $6,600.

I do not think people realize how bad MIke runs

The following hand is a perfect example. Danny should be long gone. I do not think allot of you out there realize that Danny wins all the tourneys he does exactrly in this manner. He usaully gets all his chips in with the worst hand and outdraws people. whereas Mike normally gets all his chips in with the best hand and loses almost all of them. Read below;

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Up
Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow get all in preflop. Negreanu shows 1010 but Matusow QQ. However, the board comes 10329K and Negreanu makes a set to win the pot and double up against Matusow.

NBC Head up play Just getting underway

I will keep you informed as best as I can. In the future, I will be mobile and post significant hands and play by play of those hands. If Mike advances past Danny Tonight, perhaps as soon as Mike's next match.

Mike is playing Negreanu today heads up

They are taping for the NBC National Heads up Championship, I we allowed, I'll post the result. Depends on whether or not Mike is required to sign a confidentially form or not.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mike almost back in Vegas

Just got off of the phone with my lovely brother. I was treated to several Beavis and Butthead impersonations, Herve Villechez sound offs about some plane, and the information that Mike was debating whether or not to ride the coaster at State line.

Over all, good trip for Mike except his Chinese poker donkesession. I do not know how long Mike will be back home here in Vegas, but I will find out and inform on his next poker endeavor. Also, Mike will post here from time to time, when he has his brief moments of Lucidity.. Later all!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mike loses 40k in chinese poker Kudos to Exile57

Why oh why does my Brother play that luck box game? I did slap him over the phone!!

Kudos to Exile57 she's a sweety!! stop by her blog at;

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mike will be on NBC'S Poker After Dark all this week!

check local listings for exact times. Usually around 2 am your local time.

Real poker, The Art of The Live Game Read

In contrast to online poker,( half ass poker) which there are a few tells to be read into. ( yes there are some, I will cover than in another post to come)The live game consists of the real tells, and most top pros fully understand this. Mike, when , he is on his game is one for sure!! ( when he is off his game, He just gets on full tilt, no pun intended!!) Most players who play poker, play smaller limit games, and most of them have little clue about how to spot tells, usually only being concerned with their own hands and not their opponents per say, until sometimes they are too pot committed to fold. ( oh he might have a flush, I guess my bottom pair is not good now?)

But how many are watching the other players, how they put their chips in the pot?, do they throw them in, neatly stack it then put them in? You can learn allot about your opponents hands by the way they out their chips in and that is only one tell, but the one I will cover today.

Most lower level players do not bother to pay attention to this stuff, even allot of higher level players.

The next time you are not in a hand, watch who is, and watch them both, watch the hands that end up to the river showdown, and see what they flip over.
Watch every pull and every bet, every check, raise, and/or call. Note it in your mind, watch how the chips were put in.

Who was strong, did both think they were strong? Who was one bluffing? Did they throw the chips in, stack them in, string them in?

If you put together their actions and reactions, you can more easily pick up tells and most players have them.

Always when you are dealt your cards, don't look at them right away, first look around the table at the players looking at theirs, wear shades so they do not pick up you are doing this. ( they wont pick up on what you are doing most of the time anyways, shaded or no shades, but every now and them, you run into a poker player, not simply a plain old gambler and/or some drunk moron)

See any reactions? Frustration, looking too long at the hole cards? Double checking the cards? (this, as a norm usually means they have a strong hand, or have one ace or one king, this is not always the case however, as each player has different makeups obviously as people, so watch that too and hope to see their cards turned up, what they had)

All these things, if you learn to pick up on, will make you a much better poker player.. This is real poker, not just playing your own hand. It is something the Internet so called great players are horrible at, and there is a reason most of them get spanked live.

When you get good at reading your opponents, you will, 80 percent of the time or even better, put them on the right hand or close to the right hand.

Once you have done this, you will able to better talk your opponents into folding when you got nothing, Better able to talk them into calling when you want them to call.

After while, if you notice someone is picking up on a tell you might have, fake the tell and reverse it.

These are things Mike does. You do not hear about this at all on ESPN. When Mike is on, he engages in these things.. Think his 63 all in against Helmuth 2005 TOC was just a guess? It wasn't and I asked Mike on the break why he did it. He picked up a tell Phil had when he was semi weak and raising early. He knew Phil would fold and he wanted to show Phil his piece of crap hand to tilt Phil and it worked.

Shortly afterwards, Phil got tilted between Mike pulling that move, and Hoyt moving over the top of Phil constantly, that Phil cracked Mentally. I saw Mike run a monster bluff on Freddy Boyandi on the 3rd to last day of the 2005 WSOP main event.

Mike again, picked up on a bluff and put a fake one out there that He had a flush, but he had nothing. Freddy folded on the river, Mike shoved all in ( they were about even in chips, if Freddy called, Mike would of been out right there, being severely crippled, they didn't show that hand on ESPN.) and soon after Freddy went from 4th in chips to bust in about 30 minutes. I personally saw Freddy crack, I was there. Sweating, fiddling around, I felt bad for him, I whispered to my mom and my buddy "Freddy is done, he is cracked"

Mike got him off his game, and the table ran over Freddy, and that is not easy to do, Freddy is a top pro and a very good player himself.

Bad move by Mike risking all his chips with nothing there? NONSENSE!! The pot was 1.5 million and when Mike says " I was playing the best poker of my life, BELIEVE HIM, How you think Stuey won as much as he did?
Today;s poker players in my opinion know nothing about Stuey, other than calling him a legend. and are half ass poker players, usually college kids who think they know shit and they usually do not!! Any moron can play 2 cards, and any moron can get really lucky and win big tourneys!! How many times do you see the same moron every win anything again? The same people who say Mike sucks, do they have multiple major event wins?

Allot of times Mike is not blowing up just for the sake of blowing up. There are times because Mike has ADD, that he loses focus and misreads. They are not simply moving in with nothing because he BLOWS UP, it is because of a misread losing concentration.

Using these suggestions and learning to become proficient in them,
you will be able to know when you are beat and the pot is not worth your call, save money and make more of if, using real poker skill.

Try it and see, I guarantee it will make you a better poker player!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mike's Aces get cracked by trip 10's on river

Nothing really to say, Mike is out when his all in on turn with aa was cracked by a rivered trip 10's

Saturday, February 24, 2007

LA Poker Classic No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event 30

Mike has about 45k in chips going into day 2, will try to hit mike up on the breaks and get his accurate chip counts.

more to come later.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mike won 30k yesterday up 15 k today so far

Update, Mike won 30k last night into the early AM, is up 15k right now as of 930 pm PAC time.

More to come later

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

People asking for a picture of me ok here are 2..

Ok some pictures of me, some people asked for it, view at your peril, it might break your monitor!!

Here is one not all that long ago when I was in better shape, But I am riding my bike now 2/5 miles a day. I want to get it up to max 50 miles a day and get back under 190 pounds. I am 230 now so I am bit flabbed, ah too bad, and I know most of you do not care, but here is one picture me at 200 pounds..
Here is one from my days as a hard rock drummer. For those who know some older Hard rock bands, The man of color in the photo is Tony Mcalpine, a great pianist and Guitar player; I am in the middle, we were jamming at a club, er forget either in Vegas or LA, I am growing my hair back out again btw..

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mike finished up about 75k for the session

about 12 am Pac time, Mike just informed me that he has a real good fish he found in a large limit live game and is up 100k.. More to come later..

It's later now, Mike cashed out I heard with 75k profit, He is up about 80k for the trip in cash games. I do not know the exact figures for his online play. I hear he is up there too last time I asked him about that.

Scotty The Moron goes BUSTOLA

Well, I gave a nice post about online poker and did not follow my own advice and got hammered online. Why? Lack of patience, playing too long a session and deciding to move to the NL game where I got 2 outted, BUSTOLA.

Personally, I beleive online cash game poker is becoming nothing more than glorified roulette. But be advised, gambling is gambling!!

Therefore I have decided to only play tournaments and sit and goes online for value.

Sometimes I go on a whine like Phil Helmuth (whom I agree with on most of the points he makes) bitching how bad the players are. SO WHAT? If I know this what does that make me? EVEN WORSE!! lol!!

Any poker advice myself or Mike gives, even other pros like Mike really when it comes to online, is just about out the window.

These so called players are not poker players, they just are gamblers with little clue about the value of hands, will cold call you 3 times with 75 off, flop low ball gutter draw and river it. This is modern day poker online.

We also are seing more of this in live games as well.

Will it do any good to explain position pot odds to them? Nope, no good. Will they eventaully go bust? Most likely, yes!!

The key is staying away from the hot donkey; However, you want to play online cash games? Better right now understand your opponents are mainly morons, and morons can catch cards on you. AGAIN AVOID THE HOT DONKEY!!

think your fishing in a donk? Think again, if the donk is on a stone cold spinner, he will call you all the way with nothing and run on you, YOU GUYS OUT THERE , I KNOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN THIS TIME AFTER TIME, AFTER TIME!!

Again, I'll get more value playing sit and goes for 10 and 20 a pop. I can play for an hour or more. maybe not make the money all the time, but I will get some entertainment and competition for cheap. Better than losing your whole roll on one hand ay? How about larger field tournaments? Yep, good value there, you catch a few cards and avoid some bad beats you can make the money. you dont, oh well, 5, 10, 20 bucks you lost?

It is still fun however to reem that donk once you get your cards, muhahaha!!

Report, Mike is up 5 k so far on his LA Trip

He has been having some swings up allot down allot, but happy to report Mike is up a bit in his live cash games, gg Bro!!

Mike finishes 3rd in a small online HORSE Tournament

Yippie!! and he won a whooping 3k plus!! Next post is?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just going to sleep in a bit Back from Laker Game

Sat with Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Had interesting conversation with the USC offensive coord, says USC will have the best defense in college Football next year and that they are really excited. Wish I met him before the college national championship game he said "I knew Florida would creem Ohio State, We saw films on Ohio and we saw that they were very slow, Florida was very underated and a very good football team" Let me also say this. for you USC fans, I assure you that Pete Caroll ain't leaving USC anytime soon. He was in box as well. He loves USC and is like a rock star there. He aint leaving for any NFL Job!!

Talked to Denzel Washington for awhile, He is cool guy. Talked about being on the road, life, things like that. He plays poker, dont know if he good though :) really really nice guy.

Jerry Buss was not too happy with the way The Lakers played, said some things but will not post them here private stuff.

I cannot blame him, The Lakers played very bad and the officiating was horrendus.

Thanks to Jerry though for allowing me to sit on your box, your the best!!!

and he aint a bad poker player either :)

gl all Mike

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why online poker NL games are dangerous and why limit games might be a better choice online

You see it a million times online and note Mike's comment about Gus Hanson on pokerstars season 3.

Mike was correct assessing Gus's play during his interview after Gus knocked him out. So how does this equate to my post here about NL online poker? Very simple, the bad beats occur more often than not online because online poker is full of moronic idiots, who do not consider the pot odds, ev, even the basic concept of the NL Holdem game.

They just do not fold, no matter how much it is for them to call a gutter ball, even and up and down draw or flush draw. They play way too many pots and they seem to win allot. Well let me tell you, they win from time to time per player, but the issue is when you are a skilled player and you are out numbered at any given table by these morons, all it takes is one or 2 of them to get hot and hit their cards and you can get into real trouble. So 6 of them can lose their asses but again, if one or 2 hit their cards, and online because they do not fold, they usually do, the skilled player can become sandwiched my these morons.

Skilled players now are forced to make a choice between 2 ways to play online, ultra tight pre flop and over betting the pot with top pair, or raising themselves on occasion in bad position with garbage starting hands. But when morons are always coming after you, like in Mike's case, any one of the 6 guys at the table can and usually get lucky when they had no biz in the pot at all. THEY JUST WANT TO BRAG HOW THEY OUT PLAYED THE MOUTH!!

Mike gets beat allot online because Mike chooses option one. Because these players want to brag about beating Mike, even when they got gutterballs and the pot odds are all wrong, they call anyways, and will continue to call, and most times they don't hit their draws, but allot of times, they suck out on the river with 2 pair. What happens allot to Mike is that he gets gun shy, and begins to play weak because he gets sick and tired of donk morons out drawing him. I do not think my brother has fully accepted and taken into the fact that he cannot play his game online which is power out play poker. His bluff equity is low because of ESPN showing Mike bluffing allot, so everyone assumes he is always making a play.

Personally I believe players like my brother should play less online and focus more on live cash games against moderately skilled players.

Their you can get a read on those players much better.

My recommendation for players out there with a decent skill level is to stay away from NL Holdem and go towards the Holdem limit games. If you play 1/2 NL online, choose the 3/6 or 2/4 limit game.

in Limit, skilled players can control the pot sizes better and they understand how to raise the flops and turn to get a free card on draws. If they are re raised the pot can still remain under control at this point by simply calling. Basically, they can get their EV out of any hand on hand situation.

It is pointless to cap the pot in limit trying to bluff another player. Limit does not work that way because people will call down allot more with draws. Where the Limit game can help you is once again, pot size control. and more options to limp call pre flop. There is less over play when another player senses you might be weak, You can still stay in the pot without getting bullied out of it by a player once again thinking you are weak.

NL game if you decide to make a play on a draw and raise hard on the flop, you can get into allot of trouble if a strong hand moves all in on you, and the pot their can get out of control. In a Limit game, if you flop trips against a draw, you can raise there and get the draw to just call, you get allot more fold equity and are not forced to push in with your trips your whole roll if DONKEY KONG OVER BETS THE DRAW.

Yes NL game you push there and u win the hand which you are 4 to 1 in most cases to win, you make more money, but if the 1 shot in 4 comes up, your roll can be gone very fast. Getting my point yet out there?

Understand? In limit you do not lose your roll at this point and can receive better pot odds to flat call a raise, even re raise because each pull is capped. The draw at this point will always most likely call the re raise. If he hits and your read is he was on draw, there is your fold equity, or you can check and call for one card to a board pair into a decent size pot. following?

Conclusion, choose the limit game if you are more skilled player online. Remember as well, Better players fold more when they are up against the moron donkey retard.

This is what happens to Mike allot online. Is Mike a top skilled player? You bet he is, Mike can go play with Ivey, Doyle, Harmon and the rest of them and do very well because those players all understand the real game of NL Poker. Because of ESPN and other TV networks popularizing Poker, everyone thinks they can play NL poker and most have no clue at all, TRUST ME!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FTOPS Event 6 11292222

Mike will be hosting this event live tonight online at full tilt poker, log on your full tilt account if you want to watch Mike play it. It is an Omaha event. Event starts at 9 pm eastern

No update yet on last night's live cash game play, Last I heard Mike was down about 16k, he is probably sleeping as his cell phone seems off. I'll try again later

More old pics of Mike




High School Grad pic, college bound? NAH!! car mechanic school in Phoenix, AZ!!

Looks like Mike's yearbook picture, for even an older picture of Mike, we present the following;

1983 the above one was taken, 15 years old, Mike video champion, hes da man!! who knew he's be a poker champion one day? NOTE THE TITLE OF THE GAME HE WON, "DONKEY KONG" LOL!!! But Mike aint no donkey at the tables!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Picture of Mike's very first Tournament win

Ok I thought you Mike Matusow fans out there would really like to see some old pictures of Mike, the first one here is of Mike's very Poker tournament win at Sams Town, 1992; I beleive he won 10,000 in this one; That is my Mom and my Grandma in background. Grandma no longer with us, she passed in 1996;

This picture of Mike is the copyrighted property of The Matusow family trust. It may not be reproduced for any commercial gain, implied or otherwise.

Fair use laws applies, this means you are free to use and reproduce this picture for non profit, non commercial gain; dont be posting it on a site where potentional commerical gain and/or profit is possible off the pictures here. If it comes to our attention a violation of our copyright has occured, I will seek legal recourse. Sorry do not mean to be a dickwad, but people do all sorts of things to take advantage of Mike, just be cool, we be cool, basically you can download it copy it, but cannot use it for any potentional financial gain. the following above applies to all pictures, past present and future where Mike is in the picture :)

More pictures to come!!

Mike won in cash game last night

Just got off phone with Mike, Mike informed me after being down 30k in the live cash game, he walked away 20k ahead.

Mike will also be a guest in Laker's owner Jerry Buss's personal luxury Box this Thurday night, Cavs at Lakers. If you are at The Laker game then, if you see Mike stop by and say you read his blog Scott is posting on now.

Mike is now taking a nap in his hotel room. He will be back in a few hours at the cash game at the commerce tonight, if you want to again, go down and watch Mike and say Hi, that you read our Blog.


I asked "Mike common bro tell me, you think it is rigged?

he said " well no, the problem again Scott is that no one folds and I cannot play my game against every player who will never fold any hand, they always trying to out play me and they hit runners, 2 outers, sucking me out.

Live games I get real reads and can give off false tells and strong tells as well, I am just going to play real poker. I am a poker player, have been a live cash game player most of my life, it is time I return to the game I made a name in and forget online poker for awhile"

WELL, I hope my brother keeps his word. looks like he might finally of gotten the message thank goodness!!

I think for the player who likes an occasional small game and wants to stay at home and rather play naked, sure online poker is great and all, but one shold not be playing the larger stake games online.

Notice the other pros on Full tilt mainly play lower limit games, except Gus Hanson. Gus can afford to lose, and Gus usaully does get hammered. He is a nice guy I can say that about Gus. Anything else, well, haha, NO COMMENT.

Ivey every now and then plays a large cash game. A few weeks ago, I saw him drop 200 k in an hour to a guy who per usaul, could not fold a hand and was sucking out Ivey rather badly.

I will post some pointers on how to be a consistent winner online. Note, you must play ultra tight and bet into the nuts allot because most players dont fold online.

That is all for now :) Update either later or tommorow, SAME BAT TIME AND SAME BAT CHANNEL!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike slept all day

Just got off phone for the update on my brother I promised, Here is what he had to say;

" Slept all day, lost 200k in last 3 days playing online poker, I'm done with online poker, I am playing a live cash game right now"

I asked Mike how he was doing in the live cash game;

"Just really started, doing better than online that is for sure"

It is a good thing to hear Mike is quitting online poker for awhile. Online poker is not suited for Mike's game. Personally. I think online poker is a total joke, but I do well there because I only play the nuts, and since online donkeys have no concept of the right way to out play someone, they raise and call every pull and THEY NEVER FOLD, never consider the EV or if a pot is worth bluffin into, overbet (easy tells) and often suck out on the river seeing more cards in hands they have no biz in.

BAD PLAYERS CANNOT LAY DOWN HANDS << remember that.. When you got too many bad players at a table, you got to play ultra tight, why? because bad players dont care about your table image, they dont pay attention, morons are morons. You flop a set bet into it, U pre flop raise with ak and dont hit k or a, check, let them stab at it, fold. continuation betting does not work online all that much, but against certain opponents. Trust me when I tell you, most online players are HORRIFIC POKER PLAYERS. The better ones are tight and agressive when they need to be. No reason to check those trips, even without a draw up, they will call almost all the time. Again, against certain opponents you want to check. Remember real poker players read opponents and their tendecies, understand if a pot is worth making a play for, understand pot size management aka "EV"

Moronic ones only concerned with their own hand.

I changed my nick at full tilt now, I do not want anyone to know who I am on there. I was getting a few people making too many plays on me knowing I was Mike's brother.

So it is 10:40 Pac time. Some reading this now, go down to the commerce in LA, Mike is there in a cash game.



Dispelling rumors about Mike owing money

I read a post on full tilt from someone claiming this ZIG- something guy, that mike was stiffing him. BULLSHIT.

What happened there was Mike sent the money he owed the guy to the wrong full tilt name and immediately had customer support fix the error. The guy ZIG whatever was freaking out over it, which Mike asked him several times to calm down, But Zig kept going on and on and on and on.



Mike still in LA CALI

He dropped 23k in a live cash game the other day. Will find out today he he did last night. He got killed the night before online. Did a little better last night. I was thinking of going to LA to hang out with Mike but I decided to pass. Our cousin Greg is not feeling well who lives in LA, so unless I want to watch Mike play poker for hours ( no thanks) looks like I am staying put in Vegas for now.

His girlfriend who is also a buddy of mine is going there to keep Mike company, she wanted me to keep her company for a bit, but errr, LA, I do not really like it all that much anyways except some of their nice beaches.

If you live in LA, you might catch Mike at The Commerce playing poker and catch him at LA'S hot spot night clubs.

Otherwise, he is at full tilt poker playing online.. WHAT ELSE IS NEW? haha

More to come..