Friday, March 23, 2007


If you care to know what I am picking for tonight's sweet 16 games.

Georgetown >> give the points -8
USC >> Take the points +9
UNLV >> Take the points +3.5
Butler >> Take the points + 10.5

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Taking a break

I am on a break until April. I need some rest from poker. Will update some new things by then hopefully, GL...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mike finishes 5th

I'd rather not discuss how this was, other than Mike moved in 200k plus with 52 and ran into qq when the blinds were still relatively low at 10/20 k...

I will try to get his reaction to this later. For 5th Mike wins 76k plus.

5 left now, Mike still in it

Mike has about 500k in chips, he is lower stacked, but the blinds are 8000/16000, so there is plenty of poker left. 5 players remain with and Internet player being the chip leader. Mike and Ted Lawson are lower stacked. Currently I am not at the event, but I plan to go there on the next break.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Final Table tomorrow at 12 pm Pacific Time

Mike has 380k, middle stack. This final table is really going to be a hard one with such players remaining as Min Ly, The Grinder Mizarachi, Scott Fischman and Johnny Chan. Play will resume tomorrow at 12pm Pacific time.

I will try to get an Internet hookup there and do live updates on the blog here, but I cannot promise anything, But I think it looks good I can get an online connection, stay tuned!!

Mike is chip leader with 12 left on dinner break now

Just got update from Mike. They are on dinner break. He has 650k or so and is the chip leader but the 12 left all have stacks so it might be awhile before its done for the night. I will update as I get more information from Mike on breaks.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Mike 5th in chips at The Wynn Tournament

218,800 chip count on Mike, He is top 5 in chips There are 27 players left. More to come tommorow,,

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mike is playing 2007 WYNN CLASSIC main event today

Will try to keep you all posted and updated as best as I can. For this year's WSOP, Hopefully I will be live at the Rio with a laptop and Internet hookup to give real time updates on most events Mike will be playing, so you Will get them way faster than card player can give them because I will only focus on Mike's hands and chip stack.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mike Eliminated

Blinds 4000 and 8000;

Mike Matusow and Andy Bloch are all in preflop. Matusow shows 94 while Bloch is in the lead with Q2. The board comes the KJ1057 and Bloch's queen high wins the pot.Andy Bloch advances to face Gavin Smith in tomorrow's Elite 8.

I talked to Mike before this match, and he indicated to me he was mentally out of it when he played The Grinder the match prior to this one, and as well, confessed he played poorly against the Grinder. He said The Grinder should of won, but HE GOT LUCKY, which brings me to the following point.

I just talked to Mike on The Phone, he says he played very well here in this match up, and that Andy played very poorly.

Goes to show that this type of poker is highly over rated. However, I am sure it will make for some fun TV entertainment and help create a whole new batch of people who will get into poker and play like total donks. Bad for the pros in tournaments, BUT GREAT FOR THEM IN CASH GAMES!!

Goodnight all!!

Mike Takes the Chip Lead

Andy Bloch puts Mike Matusow all in preflop and Matusow calls after looking at only one card, the K. He flips over his other card and it is the A. Bloch shows J3. The flop comes J103, giving Bloch two pair and Matusow a gutshot straight draw. The turn is the A but the river comes the Q, giving Matusow a straight and doubling him up to $90,400.

Mike Doubles Up

After Andy Bloch raises in the dark, Mike Matusow moves all in blind. Bloch calls without looking at his cards and turns over Q7. Matusow flips over 104 but the board comes J8756 and Matusow rivers a straight to win the pot and draw almost back to even with Andy Bloch.

Mike vs.Bloch rond of 16 Heads up Championship

Just started, updates to follow

Mike wins again!!

Mike Matusow Advances
Michael Mizrachi and Mike Matusow get all in preflop. Mizrachi turns over QQ and Matusow turns over A7. The board comes KQ610J and Matusow rivers a straight to crack Mizrachi's set of queens. Mizrachi has been eliminated from the tournament.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Mouth vs.The Grinder heads up match round 2 getting underway in a few

Tough match here, The Grinder is a very very tough opponent. I will be adding live updates here on this match, so check back often


Mike Matusow Advances
On a K-10-4-A board, Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreanu are all in. Negreanu shows A-5 while Matusow flips over K-4 for two pair. The river is the 2 and Mike Matusow eliminates Daniel Negreanu.Matusow will face the winner of the Michael Mizrachi versus John Juanda match.

Nothing against Danny. I like Danny, I think Mike is far better poker player. Not because he is my brother, but it is my opinion.

Yep, Poker is all skill

Again, 3rd hand in a row Mike gets chips in with best hand pre flop.

This is how Danny win ALL OF HIS TOURNIES PEOPLE, they do not show you on ESPN;

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Again
Daniel Negreanu is all in for his last $7,000 preflop against Mike Matusow. Matusow shows AQ and Negreanu turns over A7. The board comes K9585. (4 to a flush) Negreanu makes a flush against Matusow to win the pot and double up to around $14,000 chips.

Fri Mar 02 18:23:00 PST 2007
Daniel Negreanu Doubles Up
On a flop of 762, Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow get all their chips in the middle. Negreanu shows JJ while Matusow flips over 86. The turn is the Q and the river is the Q. Daniel Negreanu doubles up to $6,600.

I do not think people realize how bad MIke runs

The following hand is a perfect example. Danny should be long gone. I do not think allot of you out there realize that Danny wins all the tourneys he does exactrly in this manner. He usaully gets all his chips in with the worst hand and outdraws people. whereas Mike normally gets all his chips in with the best hand and loses almost all of them. Read below;

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Up
Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow get all in preflop. Negreanu shows 1010 but Matusow QQ. However, the board comes 10329K and Negreanu makes a set to win the pot and double up against Matusow.

NBC Head up play Just getting underway

I will keep you informed as best as I can. In the future, I will be mobile and post significant hands and play by play of those hands. If Mike advances past Danny Tonight, perhaps as soon as Mike's next match.

Mike is playing Negreanu today heads up

They are taping for the NBC National Heads up Championship, I we allowed, I'll post the result. Depends on whether or not Mike is required to sign a confidentially form or not.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mike almost back in Vegas

Just got off of the phone with my lovely brother. I was treated to several Beavis and Butthead impersonations, Herve Villechez sound offs about some plane, and the information that Mike was debating whether or not to ride the coaster at State line.

Over all, good trip for Mike except his Chinese poker donkesession. I do not know how long Mike will be back home here in Vegas, but I will find out and inform on his next poker endeavor. Also, Mike will post here from time to time, when he has his brief moments of Lucidity.. Later all!!