Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karina Jett on NWP, Mike's old partying days

Karina Jett reported on NWP rado about an incident a few years ago where Mike was alleged to be naked and running around doing strange things to "strippers"

I'd like to clear the air about this... At first, I did not beleive this when I heard it, but I called Mike and HE CONFIRMED THE STORY IS TRUE...

No wonder He does not want our Mother to TO READ HIS BOOK!! And I was calling Karina a liar on my show, heh,, my bad!! I just could not beleive what I was hearing..

Man, I thought I was nuts,, well I am nuts but...

Mike does not behave like this anymore, I can say that.. From time to time, I used to hang out with Mike in His party days.. The worst we did was some E, and clubbing at club Dres until the wee afternoon hours, with me doing some e and blow.. Mike never liked blow, and rarely ever did it...

I will be addressing what is bullshit and what is true in Mike's new book when I read it.. I am sure most of it is true..

However, I did read a post online how Mike came from "poor white trash" That's freakng utter NONSENSE.. We grew up In an upper Middle class neighborhood.. Our family was and is upper Middle class...

To say the least my parents are not wild about hearing this...

AND NO WAY I WILL RELAY the "wild Mike stories" to them.

They have had enough grief with both their childern over the years!!

Mike is basically a decent guy who went thru some issues, as I did with drugs growing up, and the wild parties as well, I stand guilty...


I didn't run around naked in front of a bunch of strangers, doing "strange things" to strippers.

I did as well some rather wild things as a former hard rock drummer and coke head...SO....



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