Saturday, July 21, 2007

My response to the following blog

Here in this Blog, Bill thinks I am out of line for calling the play of these guys "Moron" Ok Bill, I will rephrase, The play I mention is "Moronic" Furthermore, Bill point out I have never won a tournament. He is right and wrong, I have won a ton of online tournaments but I do not play "circuit live tournaments".

However, I will be happy to play any torment player for any cash stakes they would like, including Phil Gordon.. When are people going to get it that a tournament player who WINS a tournament is pure luck? I do not mean the fact that a good player can get far in a tournament, I mean to win one is mainly having good luck and avoiding bad luck, AND being lucky enough to have "MORONIC POKER PLAY" giving aways chips:) Good players give themselves the best chance to be in the right POSITION TO WIN a tournament, like a Phil Helmuth, Johnny Chan. Mike, if you look at his tournament record over the years, could easily of had by now 10 wsop wins as well. Mike is basically the unluckiest player in poker, PERIOD!! Mike goes deep in over half the tournaments he plays on a regular basis. Tournament is much different than a live cash game, and by a long ways different!!

This is how I roll from time to time. I get pissed off when I see guys make moronic plays, including when Mike does it. Mike calls himself a moron on many occasions, and I play like a moron at times as well. If I offend people, I am sorry, that is not my intention, but I say to people "GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON"!!!

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