Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Proposed regulation..common sense stuff for Congress to consider.

Today in the good ole USA, we are in tough economic times. Since our President and congress seem intent on “spending our way” out of this tough ecomonic time, why not regulate and tax online poker for Americans? A huge revenue stream can be accomplished by this, and any regulating body can easily be paid for.. I propose the following general regulations;

1. An arbitrating body to decide disputes between players and online Poker Sites… Case in point; Over the last few years, some online sites have seized monetary funds of certain players they have deemed as “cheating”.

However, these players have no recourse, no due process to possibly contest the poker sites, leaving the poker sites with the final decision to “seize funds”.. I propose an independant arbitrating panel to settle disputes between players and poker sites. To give both the player and site proper “due process” to decide guilt or innocence. This is highly needed in Lieu of cases like Lary Kennedy (Google Kennedy vs. Full Tilt).

2. Instant audits of site software, i.e “RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS”.. all sites must agree to be audited at any given time, without prior notice, by an independant regulating body, to ensure the RNG’S are free from any possible manipulation.. To properly acheive this, see below.

3. All online sites must establish a base of operations on the USA, in order to serve USA clients. This means servers based in the USA, DBA, LLC, and/or Corporate licenses in the USA. If these offshore sites wish to do biz with USA Players, then they must agree to, and abide by US federal Law, just like any other corporation. This will establish clear jurisdiction, in case legal action, criminal or civil, is warranted by an individual, or Government Law enforcement agency.

The above is merely a sample, but I beleive it is a good start.. Leave your comments and tell us what you think!!

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