Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Online Poker League Is Back For Season 2

Free Online Poker League Is Back For Season 2

The Make Poker Legal free poker room is hosting Season 2 of our online poker league again. It is open to members of the poker room. Current players do not need to register or join the league, however if you are not a member of the poker room, then go to Poker Room to join. Season 2 will last 12 weeks. This is totally free for you to play (with optional upgrades in memberships). Enter any poker tournament (both NL Holdem & Royal Holdem) to earn points. These points are known as your “bankroll”. Build your bankroll up each week to receive your weekly points (see below of points). Each week will start on Sunday at 6am EST and run until Sunday 5am EST. While you are playing in the poker league there is over $100,000 in cash as well as other prizes, qualifiers and championships.

The structure has changed slightly compared to Season 1. It is still played within the Make Poker Legal Poker Room. It is not based on a tournament or a final table. It is based on your total bankroll over the Season. Your points are considered your bankroll. You can earn free points everyday for logging in, placing “in the points”, referring a friend and more. Each week you will earn points (see below for point structure).

New Changes for Season 2
- You must play at least 10 hands for your points to count each week. In the past some players just logged in each day to get points and thus made it unfair to others.
- Your bankroll (aka points) that you win while playing Royal Holdem will be included in your overall points for the week/season.
- Points made while playing Video Poker will not count towards your points for the week/season.

1st Place – Royal Eyewear Glasses, VIP Membership & 1 yr subscription to Ante Up Magazine
2nd Place – VIP Membership & 1yr subscription to Ante Up Magazine
3rd Place – VIP Membership
4th Place – VIP Membership
5th Place – VIP Membership
6th Place – 1 year subscription to Ante Up Magazine
7th Place – 1 year subscription to Ante Up Magazine
8th Place – Spade Diamond Tee
9th Place – Spade Diamond Tee
10th Place – Spade Diamond Tee
11th Place – Heavy Duty Vegas Casino Card Protector
12th Place – Black Jagermeister Polo
13th Place – Jagermeister Visor
14th Place – Black Jagermeister Shirt
15th Place – Sponsor Hat

Season 2 Schedule
Week 1 – Jan 2 to Jan 9
Week 2 – Jan 9 to Jan 16
Week 3 – Jan 16 to Jan 23
Week 4 – Jan 23 to Jan 30
Week 5 – Jan 30 to Feb 6
Week 6 – Feb 6 to Feb 13
Week 7 – Feb 13 to Feb 20
Week 8 – Feb 20 to Feb 27
Week 9 – Feb 27 to Mar 6
Week 10 – Mar 6 to Mar 13
Week 11 – Mar 13 to Mar 20
Week 12 – Mar 20 to Mar 27

The Weekly Point System
1st place: 100pts.
2nd place: 90pts.
3rd place: 80pts.
4th place: 70pts.
5th place: 65pts
6th place: 60pts.
7th place: 55pts.
8th place: 50pts.
9th place: 45pts.
10th place: 40pts.
11th to 50th: 35pts.
51st to 100th : 30pts.
101st to 150th: 25pts.
151st to 200th: 20pts.
201st to 250th: 15pts.
251st & below: 10pts.

For more information please go to and any questions you may have and for answered questions go to the Make Poker Legal Free Online Poker League Forum.

Free Online Poker League Is Back For Season 2

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