Wednesday, June 8, 2011

American Players wearing FTP patches at WSOP are a disgrace!

American Players wearing FTP patches at WSOP are a disgrace!

Why are they a disgrace you ask? Well their fellow Americans have not yet been paid by FTP, and not even the patch wearers are being paid currently. I have no problem with an Euro player, Canadian player, heck any non USA resident player wearing The FTP patch, as FTP is legally allowed to do biz in those countries. However, as we all know, FTP is not allowed to serve American players, and are not allowed to play on FTP for money!

Allen Cunningham took some shit yesterday at The WSOP for wearing his patch. He should expect to take shit, as long as it is not out of line shit and overly rude and vile. Allen is said to have responded to the player giving him shit, “Hey you buy stuff made in China” LOL!! Horrible Analogy Allen;

The last time I checked, it is perfectly LEGAL to buy stuff made in China. Sure, I think a lot of us would like to see more American made products being bought and sold here, but WTF does any of us buying something perfectly legal and allowed for us to buy, have to do with FTP not paying USA players, and USA players NOT BEING ALLOWED to play for money on FTP? We have a choice to buy or not buy Chinese products, We do not have a choice as Americans when it comes to FTP now do we? Man Allen, that is really a lame excuse.. Man up and tear off that patch!!

I think it is a flat out slap in the face to those of us who are owed money by FTP, and cannot play for money on FTP, when FTP sponsored AMERICAN players wear FTP patches at an AMERICAN sponsored and played in our country event!

The next time any of you see someone wearing an FTP patch, ask them “WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU?” There has to be something in it for them to be so bold and brazen to wear the patch of a company who owes over 100 million dollars to US AMERICAN PLAYERS!

Notice that Mike is not wearing The FTP patch.. I was as strong here in my opinion as I was with My Brother not to wear the patch. I am glad Mike has chosen to do the right thing, or even better said, chosen NOT to do the wrong thing…

You players wearing FTP patches, think about it carefully the message you are sending out there. Remember, The WSOP will not allow patches to be worn on the featured tables. The WSOP is an American event, FTP hoping to attract new AMERICAN PLAY MONEY ACCOUNTS? lol!!

So why are you wearing those patches? TEAR THEM OFF until at least FTP settles what is owed to American players! And Yes, FTP does have a target date to pay, and I beleive they will meet that target.. However, SHOW ME DA MONEY, Then wear that patch proudly! Wear it now, WEAR IT IN SHAME!

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