Friday, April 13, 2007

We are still here

People been writing in. We are just taking a break from posting because there is nothing really going on with Mike right now.. Stay tuned, anything of any relevance, we will post it :)


iBuddy said...

sounds good

user49 said...

Mike needs to write a book, and let the $ roll in.

I mean everyone does it; even donkies like Phil Gordon who don't know shit about poker.

The book should be about his personal life.

Also a second book can be about poker strategy. focusing on hi low games.

Anonymous said...

sounds mikey playing in the 25k tomorrow???


RebelB said...

I understood one time from the rail that Miek is releasing one book of his own this year. Also, he will be the co-author of a second book. Although looking at the following conversation I don't know how serious we should take this:

Windsor-fats (Observer): do you know of any good books or
sites to read up on it
Roland de Wolfe: i done it
Roland de Wolfe: 5ent it mike
Roland de Wolfe: 5
Mike Matusow: y new book out how to lose millions playing
online poker by mike matuosw
Mike Matusow: ty
DeffDeftonez (Observer): hey mike
tonirockahara (Observer): lol
Windsor-fats (Observer): thanx mike
SpaderX (Observer): rotf
Mike Matusow: chapter one alwasy enter the nuts and get your
money in
wecwings (Observer): i feel sry for you dude
Mike Matusow: chapter tow
Mike Matusow: two
Mike Matusow: hold yoru breath as u know the rgonna suck out
Mike Matusow: chapter 3
roguespierre (Observer): book or pamphlet?
juststartedit2 (Observer): Roland where is your avatar??
thurstonhowald3 (Observer): chapter three know when to say
Dealer: Hand #1308696896
Dealer: Hand #1308696896 has been canceled
Mike Matusow: thow your cat up agaisnt the wall and punish
him for it
thurstonhowald3 (Observer): lol
Mike Matusow: chpater 4
DeffDeftonez (Observer): and then f it
thurstonhowald3 (Observer): chapter 4 knock your 5 key off
after a bad beat
Tha Riparian (Observer): get brians act fixed
Mike Matusow: when done with that callyour next rich friend
and ask him to borrow
SpaderX (Observer): lol
wecwings (Observer): gonna slit its throat
Mike Matusow: chpater 5
BMW750TwinTurbo (Observer): when in doubt, sing a song like
tonirockahara (Observer): lol
Windsor-fats (Observer): seriously Mike I would rather read that
than most of the bboks out there
lambo_7 (Observer): ted eill lend u mike
Mike Matusow: when u run out of options callsuicide hot line
and hope they dont put u on hold
thurstonhowald3 (Observer): lol
tonirockahara (Observer): lmao
XxArt-VxX (Observer): LOL mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
Mike Matusow: book should seelll wel

FatOllie said...

Top O' The Morning To You - I've been watching Poker After Dark for a few months.I am intrigued by the game although I know virtually zero about it.Out of everyone I've watched play I feel you have the most untapped potential.I make my living in the Antique busines which in itself is a form of gambling.I can relate to some of lifes ups and downs that you've experienced - if you know what I mean - and I'm sure you do.Tim (Fat Ollie) at

FatOllie said...

Yo Mike & Scotty how's things your way - it was a nice weekend weather wise - I did an outdoor Antique/Flea Market at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois it's directly across the Interstate 90 Tollway from O'Hare Airport - Needless to say there were Jets coming in to land all day it was the loudest Antique Show I've ever done although the turnout was very good and people were buying so I can't complain - I sold a nice Bronze Art Nouveau Lamp with three stylized semi-nude women around the base - it was missing its shade but the lamp dealer who purchased it had a shade to marry it to - I'm going to Centreville, MI this next weekend to do an Antique Show if the weather cooperates - Adios Amigos - Fat Ollie