Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quick update on me, been really busy

Ok I am back for a few here :) Here is what I am up to;

Going over to Wayne Root's place. Guy running for President, asked me to show up for some function, so what the hell :)
After that later today, going to premier at Red Rock Hotel in Vegas for the movie "Lucky you", a poker film with Drew Barrymore that I have a small role in I shot nearly 2 years ago.
Friday- Sunday I am taping Poker after dark again :)

There ya go, gl all!!


RebelB said...

Interesting... and I'm waiting for ever for that movie to come out, but how are u runnning in poker?

Yesterday I won 500 bucks in a live game, my best result ever :-) Hopefully I can play u some day!

pete said...

hey mike,

i saw Lucky You today, and when you said you had a "small" part - no kidding. blink and you'll miss mike. but most of the real pros had similar cameos.

my review of the film: sorry mike, it was a terrible film. just really poorly written, undeveloped characters, a storyline in desparate need of some depth... and about 3 years too late (the poker boom peaked about 3 years ago). in the genre of poker/gambling/vegas flics like Rounders, Casino, Oceans 11, Owning Mahony...Lucky You doesn't even come close. The classics like Cincinatti Kid, The Sting, California Split, The Gambler still outshine most of the modern takes on the subject.

otherwise, good luck at the tables.

Mike Matusow said...

It sucked bigtime, I agree, so do all the pros who saw it too!!

Gl buddy :)

RebelB said...

Post some more plz.. Would be nice to see more posting like Brian Townsend makes on his blog (

Which events are you ganno play at the WSOP?

Mike Matusow said...

Scott going to be covering me at wsop bud :) will be lots of posts soon.. gl buddy.. Mike