Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mike is playing 2007 WYNN CLASSIC main event today

Will try to keep you all posted and updated as best as I can. For this year's WSOP, Hopefully I will be live at the Rio with a laptop and Internet hookup to give real time updates on most events Mike will be playing, so you Will get them way faster than card player can give them because I will only focus on Mike's hands and chip stack.


HveĆ°rungr said...

Great to hear! Has Mike said anything about which WSOP events he'll be playing in this year? I'm going to have to assume the Main Event of course.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good Scott! Looking forward to it..


RebelB said...

Wonder why I find chipcounts here..
but no updates from u?... Is this site really for real?

Scott Matusow said...

Because I CANNOT CALL MIKE in the middle of him playing!!

Also, I do not cover day one. Today I will be getting his counts, IF and IF he keeps his cell phone on!!