Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mike Eliminated

Blinds 4000 and 8000;

Mike Matusow and Andy Bloch are all in preflop. Matusow shows 94 while Bloch is in the lead with Q2. The board comes the KJ1057 and Bloch's queen high wins the pot.Andy Bloch advances to face Gavin Smith in tomorrow's Elite 8.

I talked to Mike before this match, and he indicated to me he was mentally out of it when he played The Grinder the match prior to this one, and as well, confessed he played poorly against the Grinder. He said The Grinder should of won, but HE GOT LUCKY, which brings me to the following point.

I just talked to Mike on The Phone, he says he played very well here in this match up, and that Andy played very poorly.

Goes to show that this type of poker is highly over rated. However, I am sure it will make for some fun TV entertainment and help create a whole new batch of people who will get into poker and play like total donks. Bad for the pros in tournaments, BUT GREAT FOR THEM IN CASH GAMES!!

Goodnight all!!


Graham said...

Too bad. Sorry Mikey :(

Anonymous said...

Scott you are always saying that mike is one of the best pokerplayers in the world but the last years his tournament results are poorly. No offense. I am a big fan of Mike and like his character. But when is it goning to happen the big victory. Then can Mike show that he is one of the best.
I hope you answer my story.

exile57 said...

Gutted for you Mike, chin up though eh? It's still gonna be your year, I can feel it!

Scott Matusow said...

To anonymous; a great player can go years without winning a tournament. Johnny Chan has not won for awwhile. Before last Year, Helmuth did not win anything for years. There is allot of luck involved in poker and allot of bad calls that lead to suck outs.

graham said...

To anonymous, and I don't know if you agree with me here Scott, but I feel that tournament poker is overrated as a whole, some of the very best pros like Chip Reese and for a while Barry Greenstein (he does now for charity) don't even bother with tournaments. My point is that tournament success is not the only way to measure the greatness of a player. We all know that Mike cleans up in live cash games, and I personally think that cash games are a better measurement of how good a player is.

Matias said...

you are pathetic.. if mike win he is the best in the world, if he lose its the game that is not "real" or over rated or what ever.. im a fan of mikeys but i think this site is just stupid.

Scott Matusow said...

I agree with Gram for the most part. However, Barry and Chip do play their fair share of touraments.

Consistent WSOP winnders normally are decent cash game players. There are a few like TJ, Helmuth, etc, those 2 are not the best cash game players around. while guys like Chip and Barry are.

To the other guy who thinks this site is stupid. It is just designed to reprt on Mike, wha5t he is up to.

Do I think Mike is a very good player?

Of course I think my brother is, and not because he is my brother.
I also think there are many very good poker players tnat allot fo us mioght never have heard of.

I think the "brick and mortar" guys who do it for a living are some of tbe better players in the world.

What I mean by " for a living" is strictly making your income and supporting yourself and your family from poker, WITHOUT endorsements.

Tourament poker ins a sense is overated.
Guys who can grind out a living playing poker have my deepest respect in terms of being good poker players.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question thanks a lot!