Friday, March 2, 2007

I do not think people realize how bad MIke runs

The following hand is a perfect example. Danny should be long gone. I do not think allot of you out there realize that Danny wins all the tourneys he does exactrly in this manner. He usaully gets all his chips in with the worst hand and outdraws people. whereas Mike normally gets all his chips in with the best hand and loses almost all of them. Read below;

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Up
Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow get all in preflop. Negreanu shows 1010 but Matusow QQ. However, the board comes 10329K and Negreanu makes a set to win the pot and double up against Matusow.


Jason said...

I wouldn't go that far........

Scott Matusow said...

I would. I'll bet you form your opinion on soley what you see on tv. I;ve seen Danny for years and prob sen him play 1000 times more hands than you have. MIke is far better player. Danny sucks out way more, and is far luckier. In almos every major tourny Danny has won, he makes very bad calls and gets lucky. Is Danny a bad player? no not really, just average is all at best.

Too much by the book.

SAnd if you think he can read any better than most pros, thats because he runs his mouth in a hand telling you that, while the better pros like ivey and the rest know the same thing and shut their mouths. even mike. Notive MIke rarely says a word when he is in a hand.

mike played Danny now about 10 times heads up. I cannot recall Danny ever beating him.

Jason said...

I'm sure you've seen him play more than I have, but you keep saying he wins tourneys with luck, there has not been a tourney won, where luck wasn't a factor involved. You have to get lucky at times, you have to run good in races. I can't believe that you think one player is luckier than another, luck all evens out over time,