Friday, March 2, 2007


Mike Matusow Advances
On a K-10-4-A board, Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreanu are all in. Negreanu shows A-5 while Matusow flips over K-4 for two pair. The river is the 2 and Mike Matusow eliminates Daniel Negreanu.Matusow will face the winner of the Michael Mizrachi versus John Juanda match.

Nothing against Danny. I like Danny, I think Mike is far better poker player. Not because he is my brother, but it is my opinion.


Ratel said...

SO COOL!! Congratulations--we're all looking forward to more of the same!!

Roxy said...

wtg mike!! con

Anonymous said...

Keep the good work mike

RebelB said...

Yeah Mikey!!, next donk please!

exile57 said...

Great win Mikey!!!!!

Way to go, good luck next round, I have every faith in you.

Scotty, you might wanna use the links I have on my blog for the interviews with Daniel after (and before) the game, he says some good things about Mikey (for a change)

Jason said...

I love the mouth, but you're talking crazy, if you think Mike is way better than daniel, They can both run any table on any given day at any casino, but the consistancy lies with Danny....

Scott Matusow said...

No its likely you base your opinion on what you see on tv.

I base my opinion on the fact Danny has rarely beaten Mike heads up. I think once out of 10 times.

I base my opinion on watching Danny on the hands ESPN dont show you ( I have press access for the wsop, SO i AM ABLE TO WATCH THE TABLES CLOSE UP ESPN has not coverage on)

I see Danny get his chips in most of the time with the worst hand and suck out.

some people just run very lucky. Danny is one guy. Ivey is another. More so Danny. Mike runs about the worst anyone can possibly imagine.

I'll watch Danny with a low ball draw call any price to see the turn and/or river, not able to fold aq or ak at all when there is a stack about his size shoved in.

I9 like Danny personally. I think he is a nice guy.

I dont think all about that much about him as a poker player. While I do not think he is a bad player, I dont think he is very good either. i base that on years and years of watching him and seeing most lilely him play about 10000 more hands than you have.

One thing that clues me in is when a player has a favorite hand, like Danny with QJ. Sure play weak against Danny, allow him to see flops for cheap and cards, your deserve to lose.

But you are entitled to your opinion :)