Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 2 of the horse event and the WSOP+prop betting galore!!!

Mike like allot of other top players in day 2 are doing fine. Mike has about 200k in chips as of this posting. When you get this high amount of "pro players" they tend to fold more, and are more familiar with each others playing styles, so bust outs will take awhile. Expect this event to last another 2 to 3 days. It is the "real main event" of the WSOP. Next to no amateurs involved. Mike has some prop bets along with his betting buddy Phil Helmuth. 3 against 3, Mike and Helmuth are 2 on one side. Ivey is one on the other side with Gus Hanson already busted out yesterday ( big surprise there, heh!!) There is a ton of side action prop betting going on here. You name it, they have propped it!! This particular prop bet is odds to win, odds which team has more players still standing as time progresses. In case any of you are wondering, they do not put these guys at the same table because the event directors know damned well about all the prop bets. Even if they did, there is a strict honor code among professional poker players that has existed for many years!! Remember, most of these pros in today's event have borrowed and have lent to each for over a decade in most cases. There will not be any "Jamie Gold" type of "misunderstanding" I can assure you of this fact:)

Anyways, will post when I am around and have relevant information how things are going for Mike!!
Peace, out:)

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