Friday, June 1, 2007

Mike has 18,600 after first break

EVENT ONE, 2007 World series of Poker - The Mixed Holdem (Limit/NL)

Mike has 18,600 chips after the first break;

Just got off the phone with him, was all He could really tell me at this time because He was pressed for time. More to come after the next break.


Anonymous said...

Scott, tell mike we are all rooting for him! He is definitley my favorite player to watch at the tables. I'm hoping he makes a final table with Hellmuth, those two make for great TV! haha!
Keep this blog updates, i LOVE the information! Props to you!

btw, loved your myspace blog about pot odds.


-Scott Bolthouse from Allen Park, MI.

Anonymous said...

Hang tough mike Ive read you drew a tough table!