Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mike finishes 15th in event 36, Omaha Hi/Low 5k buy in.

Talked a bit on the phone, says there was one hand where his gut told him a guy was bluffing, but he didn't call and was right, and there he could of been back around 200k in chips. He said he played well and made maybe one or 2 mistakes. He gives allot of credit to a guy who checked raised him on the river and said " I didn't think that guy was capable of making that play."

Mike is looking forward to the big horse event which I believe starts tomorrow. He believes He is playing well, and with an 11th and 15th place finish, it sure seems that way. That is very close to making 2 final tables so..

I will try to cover the Horse event as best as I can later.

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