Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mike finishes 16th in the horse event had terrible luck

Bad luck started right away in stud, when Mike had aakk against aaqq and allot of money in the pot the the other guy spiked a queen on the river.

He had a few pots like that and was beaten that way most of the session. He had one hand against Greenstein where Mike was way ahead with all his chips in in Omaha Hi/low and Barry made runner runner 78 for the low in a 2 way pot, so Mike had to settle for a split there with Barry of the 3 way action, instead of scooping the pot. He went out when he lead out for 25k one caller In omaha hi low and the other guy flopped the nut low straight, but Mike had some outs to a chop and actually picked up on the turn outs to the scoop, but did not hit. so that was that :)

However, on a positive note, He won just about all his prop bets, so he racked in some decent dough :)

Mike is playing very well now, he maintained his composure and never came close to blowing up and milked his short stack very well. I am happy to see Mike play this well and if He continues to do so, I am sure a final table, and/or a win is imminent. See you all later until next time!!

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