Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FTOPS Event 6 11292222

Mike will be hosting this event live tonight online at full tilt poker, log on your full tilt account if you want to watch Mike play it. It is an Omaha event. Event starts at 9 pm eastern

No update yet on last night's live cash game play, Last I heard Mike was down about 16k, he is probably sleeping as his cell phone seems off. I'll try again later


HveĆ°rungr said...

It's great to see this, hopefully it's legit. By looking at the pics, I tend to believe so. Mike's the main reason I started playing poker, by far my favorite poker player. All my best to him and his family.

Scott Matusow said...

its legit bro. I am Scott Matusow Mike's brother. Mike will be posting here from time to time when he has some free time, He;s really busy now in LA.

If it was not legit how in the hell can someone grab family pics like that of Mike? Also, I see people taking those pics and using them on sites with banners to make money, they can find out themselves how legit we are , lol


HveĆ°rungr said...

Awesome! Glad to know there is a website to stomp out the BS rumors about Mike. I get sick and tired of constantly seeing people talk shit about him, mostly because they're jealous that they'll never be as good a player as him. I've never met Mike but I respect and look up to the guy for many reasons, aside from poker I know about his troubles in life and what he's gotten through aswell as something he battles with on a daily basis. I suffer from a Chemical imballance aswell so I can relate to the problems he may have with it. Again, Glad to see this blog up man, please send all my best to Mike.

Anonymous said...


LL @ Mike is qiuting Online for a while... saw him loose a qiuck 30K
Whatever, he may blow all his live winnings online he will ne my favourite pokerplayer 4ever.
I met him in Melbourne during the Aussie Millions and hes a really nice guy.
Mike I wish u the best of Luck

Dr. Spitzvogel

PokerProf said...

It's legit.

PokerProf said...

It's legit.