Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike still in LA CALI

He dropped 23k in a live cash game the other day. Will find out today he he did last night. He got killed the night before online. Did a little better last night. I was thinking of going to LA to hang out with Mike but I decided to pass. Our cousin Greg is not feeling well who lives in LA, so unless I want to watch Mike play poker for hours ( no thanks) looks like I am staying put in Vegas for now.

His girlfriend who is also a buddy of mine is going there to keep Mike company, she wanted me to keep her company for a bit, but errr, LA, I do not really like it all that much anyways except some of their nice beaches.

If you live in LA, you might catch Mike at The Commerce playing poker and catch him at LA'S hot spot night clubs.

Otherwise, he is at full tilt poker playing online.. WHAT ELSE IS NEW? haha

More to come..

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