Tuesday, February 20, 2007

People asking for a picture of me ok here are 2..

Ok some pictures of me, some people asked for it, view at your peril, it might break your monitor!!

Here is one not all that long ago when I was in better shape, But I am riding my bike now 2/5 miles a day. I want to get it up to max 50 miles a day and get back under 190 pounds. I am 230 now so I am bit flabbed, ah too bad, and I know most of you do not care, but here is one picture me at 200 pounds..
Here is one from my days as a hard rock drummer. For those who know some older Hard rock bands, The man of color in the photo is Tony Mcalpine, a great pianist and Guitar player; I am in the middle, we were jamming at a club, er forget either in Vegas or LA, I am growing my hair back out again btw..

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