Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Picture of Mike's very first Tournament win

Ok I thought you Mike Matusow fans out there would really like to see some old pictures of Mike, the first one here is of Mike's very Poker tournament win at Sams Town, 1992; I beleive he won 10,000 in this one; That is my Mom and my Grandma in background. Grandma no longer with us, she passed in 1996;

This picture of Mike is the copyrighted property of The Matusow family trust. It may not be reproduced for any commercial gain, implied or otherwise.

Fair use laws applies, this means you are free to use and reproduce this picture for non profit, non commercial gain; dont be posting it on a site where potentional commerical gain and/or profit is possible off the pictures here. If it comes to our attention a violation of our copyright has occured, I will seek legal recourse. Sorry do not mean to be a dickwad, but people do all sorts of things to take advantage of Mike, just be cool, we be cool, basically you can download it copy it, but cannot use it for any potentional financial gain. the following above applies to all pictures, past present and future where Mike is in the picture :)

More pictures to come!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mike and Bro. Glad to finally see a place where we can actually learn more about Mike. When I am on FullTilt I always look to see if Mike is playing so I can watch....Hope the site grows.....and thanks.


Anonymous said...

why no scott photos?

Scott Matusow said...

ok ill try to find some and post one..