Friday, February 16, 2007

Just going to sleep in a bit Back from Laker Game

Sat with Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Had interesting conversation with the USC offensive coord, says USC will have the best defense in college Football next year and that they are really excited. Wish I met him before the college national championship game he said "I knew Florida would creem Ohio State, We saw films on Ohio and we saw that they were very slow, Florida was very underated and a very good football team" Let me also say this. for you USC fans, I assure you that Pete Caroll ain't leaving USC anytime soon. He was in box as well. He loves USC and is like a rock star there. He aint leaving for any NFL Job!!

Talked to Denzel Washington for awhile, He is cool guy. Talked about being on the road, life, things like that. He plays poker, dont know if he good though :) really really nice guy.

Jerry Buss was not too happy with the way The Lakers played, said some things but will not post them here private stuff.

I cannot blame him, The Lakers played very bad and the officiating was horrendus.

Thanks to Jerry though for allowing me to sit on your box, your the best!!!

and he aint a bad poker player either :)

gl all Mike


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I wonder if you perhaps could show some of your played pokerhands and "discuss" how you where thinking when you played them, that would be great. Many greetings from Sweden // Daniell

Mike Matusow said...

Yes soon, I will do that. gl Mike

HveĆ°rungr said...

Mike, please excuse me for seeming like a fanbitch but I wanted to say you're the man. You're my Idol as a Poker player and I wish you all the best of luck in 2007. You probably don't notice but I'm one of the jackasses who likes to piss of the asshole railers you get on Full Tilt. You're an inspiration as a player and as a person. I hope you read this in good spirts and health. Keep busting them donks!

Mike Matusow said...

lol!!! its ok i luv fanbitches!! thanks hon and gl at the tables.

Anonymous said...


Next time you sit next to Jerry ask him if he has a $50 million to spare so he can buy my UK football team.

It seems to be a common thing now, American investers coming into the UK and buying real football teams whoops sorry soccer.

Take care