Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike slept all day

Just got off phone for the update on my brother I promised, Here is what he had to say;

" Slept all day, lost 200k in last 3 days playing online poker, I'm done with online poker, I am playing a live cash game right now"

I asked Mike how he was doing in the live cash game;

"Just really started, doing better than online that is for sure"

It is a good thing to hear Mike is quitting online poker for awhile. Online poker is not suited for Mike's game. Personally. I think online poker is a total joke, but I do well there because I only play the nuts, and since online donkeys have no concept of the right way to out play someone, they raise and call every pull and THEY NEVER FOLD, never consider the EV or if a pot is worth bluffin into, overbet (easy tells) and often suck out on the river seeing more cards in hands they have no biz in.

BAD PLAYERS CANNOT LAY DOWN HANDS << remember that.. When you got too many bad players at a table, you got to play ultra tight, why? because bad players dont care about your table image, they dont pay attention, morons are morons. You flop a set bet into it, U pre flop raise with ak and dont hit k or a, check, let them stab at it, fold. continuation betting does not work online all that much, but against certain opponents. Trust me when I tell you, most online players are HORRIFIC POKER PLAYERS. The better ones are tight and agressive when they need to be. No reason to check those trips, even without a draw up, they will call almost all the time. Again, against certain opponents you want to check. Remember real poker players read opponents and their tendecies, understand if a pot is worth making a play for, understand pot size management aka "EV"

Moronic ones only concerned with their own hand.

I changed my nick at full tilt now, I do not want anyone to know who I am on there. I was getting a few people making too many plays on me knowing I was Mike's brother.

So it is 10:40 Pac time. Some reading this now, go down to the commerce in LA, Mike is there in a cash game.




Jeff said...

200k seems like a pretty big hit, hopefully you make some of it back in the live cash games.

Im downloading high stakes poker so im going to go watch that....this season is looking pretty good.

good luck Mike...nice idea on the blog Scott.

Greg Soukup said...

Thanks Scott for keeping us apprised as to what's going on with the 2 of you.

Sorry to hear about Mike's online losses. I've railed him whenever he was online, and saw some REALLY good days and some REALLY REALLY bad days.

Top that off with the idiots constantly badgering him in chat....I don't know how or why he even played!!!

Keep up the good work, and keep Mike up and going!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im such a HUGE fan of mike !! I really dont care what he has done wrong in the past.. doesnt really matter. GOD!! im in LA.. wonder if go to commerce i finnaly get to meet mike in person ... would be awesome.

best of luck

Scott Matusow said...

He will be there tonight, prob around or after 10pm. Find the larger limit cashg game, he will be there. Tell him You read our blog and wanted to say hi. Wait until he is out of a hand or on a break.. peace