Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mike's Aces get cracked by trip 10's on river

Nothing really to say, Mike is out when his all in on turn with aa was cracked by a rivered trip 10's


honeybadger said...

Oh no--that's awful! Makes my stomach hurt just to think of it. Oh well, when you play it right, that's all you can do...he's still the greatest. Onward and upward!!

Anonymous said...

No hes not, he's 100x overrated and is horrible at the game.

RebelB said...

Sure he has no clue?!? His lifetime winnings are: $3,795,040. He also did very well in 4 WSOP ME events and is still the only player who earned more then a million bucks in a single tournament twice in a year. I'm pretty sure Mike has forgotten more about poker then Mr. Anonymous will knwo in his entire life!

And if you find him horrible you must admit he is a pleasure to watch on television as well as on FTP. Almost can't imagine that someone not likes one of the only true entertainers in the pokerworld!

And yes aces cracked sucked, but having a small stack, the only thing to do is to put it all in... If you lose.. that's poker!

exile57 said...

Gutted for you Mike. All you can do is get your money in with the best hand the rest is up to the gods.

As for you ''annonymous'' if you're such a wonderful player that you think you can ridicule one of the best players of our time, at least have the guts to put your name to the insult.

Me personally, I wouldn't give your opinion the time of day. Mike is more of a man than you could ever be!!!!!

Scott Matusow said...

How about this;

Poker is 100x overrated!! Why? Huge luck factor involved. It is still glorified gambling, but there is a skill to it in the long run. Too many people judge Mike's play from the online game, which is a half ass poker game. Granted allot of Mike's bad luck online is on him, and allot of it is on the nutty hands we see online allot.

Real poker is the live game. Anyone feels differently, they can talk until they are blue iun the face to me. Cannot talk someone into folding or calling online. Can do so in live game and there is allot of art involved with that. I am going to post soon on this topic

Anonymous said...

I think mike is a great player, I wish I knew 30% of what he knows about poker. NO DOUBT , when I see mike playing on TV, I just dont change the channel, 100% guaranteed fun when Mike is around!.

Looking foward to see mike run well in the Celebrity invitational.

HveĆ°rungr said...

Gotta love people who don't have the balls to post anything with their name, face or any kind of indentification behind it. Keyboard warriors hiding behind a monitor. Love him or Hate him, Mike Matusow is one of the best poker players out there. When he's focused and on his game no one can beat him, simple as that.