Monday, February 19, 2007

Scotty The Moron goes BUSTOLA

Well, I gave a nice post about online poker and did not follow my own advice and got hammered online. Why? Lack of patience, playing too long a session and deciding to move to the NL game where I got 2 outted, BUSTOLA.

Personally, I beleive online cash game poker is becoming nothing more than glorified roulette. But be advised, gambling is gambling!!

Therefore I have decided to only play tournaments and sit and goes online for value.

Sometimes I go on a whine like Phil Helmuth (whom I agree with on most of the points he makes) bitching how bad the players are. SO WHAT? If I know this what does that make me? EVEN WORSE!! lol!!

Any poker advice myself or Mike gives, even other pros like Mike really when it comes to online, is just about out the window.

These so called players are not poker players, they just are gamblers with little clue about the value of hands, will cold call you 3 times with 75 off, flop low ball gutter draw and river it. This is modern day poker online.

We also are seing more of this in live games as well.

Will it do any good to explain position pot odds to them? Nope, no good. Will they eventaully go bust? Most likely, yes!!

The key is staying away from the hot donkey; However, you want to play online cash games? Better right now understand your opponents are mainly morons, and morons can catch cards on you. AGAIN AVOID THE HOT DONKEY!!

think your fishing in a donk? Think again, if the donk is on a stone cold spinner, he will call you all the way with nothing and run on you, YOU GUYS OUT THERE , I KNOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN THIS TIME AFTER TIME, AFTER TIME!!

Again, I'll get more value playing sit and goes for 10 and 20 a pop. I can play for an hour or more. maybe not make the money all the time, but I will get some entertainment and competition for cheap. Better than losing your whole roll on one hand ay? How about larger field tournaments? Yep, good value there, you catch a few cards and avoid some bad beats you can make the money. you dont, oh well, 5, 10, 20 bucks you lost?

It is still fun however to reem that donk once you get your cards, muhahaha!!


Anonymous said...

Mike/ Scott

If you think the donks are bad at your levels, come have a look at the idiots at the microlimits where I play.

Man it's really really sick out there, so bad it can send you insane.

Harv said... are gonna be one frustrated hombre in those 11 & 22 SNGs. :)

I've played a few of them here and there (and bigger tournaments--what little NL experience I have comes mostly from tournament play), and as you mentioned in another post, just forget about image play. Play like a total rock, especially in the SNGs, wait for the big hands, and hope they hold. You will always have some donkey more than happy to get it all in with pocket fives after you've folded the last 40 hands.

I actually played a semi-large field tournament yesterday on Stars, $5 + rebuys. At my first table, which sadly broke after just 10 minutes, I had a guy three seats to my right who was pushing on every hand. Literally. He went through 8 rebuys before he finally sucked out a couple times and built up a large stack. He considered this a good "strategy".

Anyway, card dead for the first couple hours, things finally start going right after that. I'm up to an average stack size, get dealt pocket kings on the button, UTG raises to 3xBB, I come back over the top to 10xBB. He thinks it over for a while and finally calls, leaving him with less than 7 blinds behind. Flop comes AQT and he pushes.

I hate this game sometimes.

exile57 said...

I'm keeping an eye on you Scotty babe, you know what will happen if I catch you in a ring game don't forget ;)

honeybadger said...

Actually, I've found that if you adjust your strategy to assume many of your fellow players' decisions are being made at near-random, online no-limit cash games can be quite profitable.

In a nutshell, you can forget about doing anything subtle: super-tight and absolutely ruthless is the way to go. When your hand finally comes, clear as much of the "dead wood" every chance you get, and your odds will improve right there. Think about it: if I'm going to be forced into a lottery-type situation, I'll take one-in-two or three over one-in-nine any day. Like Harv said, there'll always be a sucker or two around to pay you off with their entire stack.

Putting them on tilt by insulting the hands they win with never fails, either. LOL

Better luck next time!